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19 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Ooooook…I cant find my path to the lower level in Branch Castle. I have tried every place…ok, so maybe not EVERY PLACE but nonetheless it seems so. I can get to the save point and off to aside but it seems to go no where.
    Also I saw your walkthrough but a lot of it doesnt seem available when I try to click on a section.
    Great game by the way!

      1. Ah, now I found it. The entrance is at the two doors in the bottom right corner of the castle.

  2. I’m having issue i seen something mentioned about a chocoba and im stuck i got the potion at the end of cid’s lab then it warped me back to beginning now where do i go do i go all the way back to the plains? if so what do i do when i get there?

  3. idk if your still keeping up on this but can you send me a save file bc i got to the nightmare aka dream cave and i kept forgetting to change the ninja’s weapon now he keeps healing and my healer dies before it kills the one healing it

  4. I am stuck in Vera’s dream – how do I get out when all guards are stationed at the exits.
    Please help me.

  5. Really a great game but now i’m stuck: i’m searching for Vahn, in the temple of visionaries i’ve found the glowing shard…and now??

    1. Take the path on the right from the Temple’s entrance. You’ll find a wall with crystals in it. There is a vacant hole on the wall where the shard is inserted.

  6. Why don’t you insert a map with the names of locations? Remember all them is too hard! I’m searching for Nobumasa and Oalston, where are they???? (I’ve already beaten 4 fiends except the fire one). Thanks.

  7. Hi, I am really enjoying your Blackmoon Prophecy rpg. However when I jumped down at the end of the sheep cave in Hillsdale right after the treasure room I lose the ability to run. I can only move at the normal pace of Final Fantasy IV. I have tried hitting every key to maybe toggle run on and off to no avail. If there is a fix please let me know. I really do not want to start over, because upon starting a new game the problem is not there. Thanks in advance.

  8. Hm, I was wondering recently, UPRC. Do you still have the original version of Blackmoon Prophecy? It would be pretty cool to prepare the latest one and its original, buggy version!

    1. I’m not 100% certain at the moment, I moved across the city and don’t even have internet in the new place at the moment. It’ll be ready when it’s ready, but I’m aiming for sometime within the next… forty days?

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