Zephyr Highwind


Age: 25
Hometown: Neirbrook, Lindblum
Class: Augurer
Special: Summon
Bio: Zephyr is a young Augurer from the Lindblum town of Neirbrook who looks after Winter, a white chocobo belonging to his sister Ezra. Zephyr’s father was an Ivalician dragoon. He is very carefree and loves to have fun and go on adventures. The safety of his friends is paramount to him. He is a fledgling swordsman.


Zephyr learns new summon abilities by defeating monsters and using their dropped DNA to synthesize abilities. Monster DNA required to learn the following abilities are unbolded.
Anguiform: Cleansweep
Baldanders: Matra Magic
Behemoth: Lifebreak
Borras: Magnitude 8
Buel: Viral Fang
Cactrot: 1000 Needles
Chimera: Solar Breath
Chocobo: Chocobuckle
Cockatrice: Screech
Coeurl: Acinonyx Samba
Darkwind: Sonic Dive
Dragon: Dragon Breath
Garuda: Whirlwind
Hecteyes: Numbing Gaze
Hobgoblin: Goblin Punch
Hoover: Simoom
Kestrel: Almagest
Lobo: Hunter Instinct
Lunaris: Moon Flute
Lycosidae: Spider Blitz
Malboro: Bad Breath
Mu: Sunbathe
Ochu: Nerve Gas
Parasoul: Acid Rain
Pazuzu: Arctic Wind
Remora: Feeding Frenzy
Seraph: Angel’s Snack
Slyph: Magic Hammer
Stilva: Trine
Vaporite: Vapor Trail
Veteran: Awful Eye
Whisper: Nightmare
Zahgnol: Gigavolt
Zuu: Featherlite


LV 1: Exploder (Fire Damage)
LV 15: Big Guard (Protects, Removes Status Conditions)
LV 30: Moon Beam (Holy Damage, All Enemies)
LV 45: Squallbreaker (Wind Damage, All Enemies)


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