Trigger Ramsay


Age: 35
Hometown: Northdale, Berona Republic
Class: Engineer
Special: Gunner
Bio: A master engineer hailing from the Berona Republic who has seen and done it all. Trigger has a short fuse which prompts him to have angry outbursts and he doesn’t tend to like people very much, but he’s an exceptionally hard worker who always gets things done thanks to his headstrong and stubborn nature. He is an experienced sharpshooter, always carrying his pistols everywhere he goes.


Trigger learns gunner abilities from gaining levels. Below are the levels at which he learns new abilities.
LV 1: A-Round
LV 1: D-Round
LV 1: Healing Rain
LV 1: S-Round
LV 1: V-Round
LV 18: Silver Bullet
LV 25: Gas Bomb
LV 32: Stabilizer
LV 40: Gatling
LV 48: Tesla
LV 60: Napalm


LV 1: Big Shot (Damages)
LV 15: Shrapnel Shot (Damages All)
LV 30: Grenadier (Burns, Fire Damage)
LV 45: Blasting Zone (Burns/KOs, Fire Damage, All)


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