Silas Hedgeley


Age: 24
Hometown: Mohadmal Junction, Lenadia
Class: Swordsman
Special: SwordTech
Bio: A young Mohadmalan who happened upon the armor of a fallen warrior at the base of Mount Houzell. Adorning the armor, Silas decided to make use of the armor by training as a swordsman. Silas is a stern young man, but has a heart of gold. He is always looking to do good deeds, and is hopeful that one day he will be able to identify the mysterious old sword he found with the suit of armor.


Silas learns new techniques by refining weapons into abilities. Below are the skills he can acquire and what weapons can be deconstructed to teach him the SwordTech ability.
Quick Slice: N/A (Starting Skill)
Empowerer: N/A (Starting Skill)
Crippling Blow: Ancient Sword
Wind Cutter: Epee
Quadra Slam: Enhancer
Cobra Strike: Falchion
Chi Sever: Organics
Searing Blade: Defender
Riot Blade: Rune Blade
Death Blow: Soul Sabre
Myrmidon: Crystal Blade
Phalanx: Genji Blade
Royal Shock: Excalibur


LV 1: Climhazzard (Damages One)
LV 15: Blade Beam (Magic Damages One)
LV 30: Harbinger (KOs, Damages One)
LV 45: Omni-Slash (Damages All)


Silas can equip swords. Listed below are all swords that he is able to wield.
Onion Sword
Regal Cutlass
Mythril Blade
Ivalician Edge
Ancient Sword
Flame Sabre
Blizzard Sword
Thunder Blade
Break Blade
Golden Sword
Rune Blade
Genji Blade
Adamantium Edge
Soul Sabre
Crystal Blade


2 thoughts on “Silas Hedgeley

  1. That’s quite in interesting way of acquiring abilities. Also, you’re missing names for Lv. 30 and 45 Limits.

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