Ramuh is an Esper who resembles an elderly man with a long white beard. Carrying a staff, he is able to channel thunder through it at will. He has long been considered the wisest of the Espers and has frequently been viewed as an elder among them given his advanced age.

The chief antagonist of Blackmoon Prophecy II, Ramuh is not only depicted in the game’s logo, but he is also present on the game over screen as well.

Before the start of Blackmoon Prophecy II, Espers revolt against Lindblum without cause or warning. Towns are attacked, dungeons and landmarks patrolled and scrutinized. As Ramuh openly revealed that he was leading the charge, the kingdom of Lindblum hastily trained the Augurers task force to combat the Espers.

It’s not certain what caused Ramuh to lead his fellow Espers against humanity, but he seemed unwilling to negotiate or reconsider his actions as he rallies more and more Espers to his side. All that is certain is that Ramuh seems to want nothing more than to see the human race fall, but his motives remain a mystery.


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