Markim Alunira

Markim Alunira is the son of one of the Light Warriors who defeated Lord Zeul, Elina Alunira. Unlike his mother, who pursued a life in magical studies, Markim instead turned to science. Markim moved to Berona Republic when he reached adulthood where he spent decades toiling away on scientific research mostly relating to the Guardians of Balance. Over the years, he quickly ascended through the ranks of the science community, becoming one of the Republic’s most respected physicists.

Prior to the collapse of the Tower of Babil, Markim Alunira ordered a salvage team to travel through the tower to the Genesis Obelisk, a lunar structure once belonging to the Four Guardians of Balance, to extract as many data cores from the computers and machines as possible. Markim sought to learn all about the Four Guardians of Balance, claiming that one of the greatest mysteries of known history finally needed to be uncovered and understood. After acquiring a significant number of data cores, Markim would try his best to decypher them within the Berona Research Facility.

Despite the Republic often engaging in territorial wars with the Desert State of Darnecles, Markim has never supported the attacks and has always condoned his nation’s activities against the smaller Lupin kingdom. To express his disdain for the past conflicts between Berona and Darnecles, Markim had Darnecles Castle outfitted with state of the art machinery and technology after instructing one of his leading engineers, Trigger Ramsay, to assemble a team and get the job done. Not only did Markim’s actions ease tensions between Berona and Darnecles, but it also made Darnecles Castle that much more difficult and formidable to attack which helped to discourage further attacks by the Berona Republic.

Today, Markim Alunira is one of the board members sitting on Berona Power Company’s executive committee that oversees global operations. Despite this, Markim still spends much time alone with his own research or travelling abroad.

After Espers turned on humanity, he has grown interested in the Esper hostilities and has travelled to Lindblum with the intention of developing a scientific reasoning for the Esper rebellion. Markim also took up a position on the Berona Power Company’s executive board.

Markim’s son Janus carries on the family legacy of practicing white magic and serves as the elder of Mystic Mysidia just as his grandmother did at the conclusion of Blackmoon Prophecy.


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