Jasmine Amiro


Age: 118
Hometown: Rivera, Ivalice
Class: Monk
Special: Blitz
Bio: An apparent young woman who has come to be known as The Timeless One. One hundred years prior, exposure to energies of the Genesis Obelisk on the moon rendered Jasmine as sub-immortal being, her body aging ten times slower than normal. As a woman who has seen much in her long life, Jasmine is often sought out for advice. She is an inhabitant of Ivalice.


Jasmine learns blitz techniques and magic spells from gaining levels. Below are the levels at which she learns new spells and techniques.
LV 1: Pummel
LV 12: Aurabolt
LV 18: Revive
LV 20: Fire Dance
LV 26: Polar Fist
LV 30: Mantra
LV 36: Rapture
LV 45: Soul Spiral


LV 12: Berserk
LV 12: Confuse
LV 15: Haste
LV 15: Slow
LV 18: Protect
LV 18: Shell
LV 22: Sleep
LV 25: Burn
LV 25: Flu
LV 28: Stop
LV 30: Chinook
LV 30: Electro
LV 32: Flood
LV 32: Inferno
LV 34: Snowstorm
LV 34: Tremor


LV 1: Wildcat Combo (Damages One)
LV 15: Magi Break (Spirit-Based Damage)
LV 30: Momentum (HP-Based Damage)
LV 45: Lunatic High (Haste, Protect, Party)


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