Edric Csardim


Age: 52
Hometown: Hillsdale, Lenadia
Class: Knight
Special: Gallant
Bio: A Lenadian knight well versed in the chivalrous code of his profession. Edric stands for justice above all else, which can lead to him coming across as being cold and distant at times. He is an exceptionally talented fighter, having served Lenadia for nearly twenty years. His chosen weapon is the spear.


Edric learns gallant abilities and magic spells from gaining levels. Below are the levels at which he learns new abilities and spells.
LV 1: Armor Break
LV 1: Bloom
LV 18: Empower
LV 18: Bloom 2
LV 20: Daylight
LV 26: Guardian
LV 32: Bloom 3
LV 35: Angelbreath
LV 40: Iaianuki
LV 50: Shock


LV 20: Protect
LV 20: Shell
LV 35: Break
LV 50: Quake


LV 1: Legionnaire (Damages One, May KO)
LV 15: Honour Code (Buffs Spirit/Stamina, Heals HP)
LV 30: Dragon Dive (Damages One)
LV 45: Zilant Pierce (Damages All)


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