Duke Fargo


Duke Fargo was raised as a privileged Lenadian noble in Lenadia City prior to the being torn down after tectonic activity damaged it beyond repair. When most of the citizens left to populate the new town of Barrington, Fargo stayed behind to serve the young King Edward as an advisor. Fargo remained in this position for several years, eventually reaching the status of Duke with his input proving to be invaluable to King Edward.

After several years, Fargo proposed trying to restore Lenadia to its former glory by investing in the north, a region that had long been neglected by the former rulers of Lenadia. King Edward agreed and sent Fargo to the north, asking him to plan how to carry out his idea regarding the north’s revival. Fargo found his answer in the form of Faluhd Castle, which had been abandoned long ago when the local lord accidentally unearthed deadly miasma gas and poisoned his people.

Today, Faluhd Castle is governed by Duke Fargo. The Duke is viewed by the people of Lenadia as the true ruler of the kingdom in every way other than in name. King Edward’s influence in the southern Lenadia Castle fails to extend beyond the towns of Barrington, Clestance and Vilaheim while the town of Palumpu Port enjoys attention from both Duke Fargo and King Edward. It is suspected by some that Duke Fargo would like to have the title of King himself, though nobody is certain how the title could be wrestled away from King Edward in the south.


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