Carina Madeen


Age: 26
Hometown: Branch, Berona Republic
Class: White Mage
Special: White Magic, X-Magic
Bio: A young white mage from the remote island town of Branch. Unlike the rest of her town, she does not worship the elusive “Graviton” deity. Carina is a talented healer who believes in the sanctity of life. Due to reasonings that drove her from her hometown of Branch, she does have an underlying desperate thirst for vengeance that is somewhat hidden and muted by her meek personality.


Carina learns magic from gaining levels. Below are the levels at which he learns new spells.
LV 1: Cure
LV 1: X-Cure
LV 12: Esuna
LV 15: Haste
LV 16: Life
LV 18: Cure 2
LV 18: Holy
LV 24: X-Cure 2
LV 26: Protect
LV 26: Shell
LV 28: Life 2
LV 30: Regen
LV 32: Dispel
LV 34: X-Esuna
LV 35: Holy 2
LV 40: Cure 3
LV 44: X-Cure 3
LV 50: Holy 3
LV 65: Full Cure
LV 68: Full Life
N/A: Libra


LV 1: Dia (Holy Damage, All)
LV 15: White Wind (Regen, Heals HP, Party)
LV 30: Angel Aegis (Increases Elemental Resist, Party)
LV 45: Great Gospel (Heals 100% HP/MP, Party)


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