Bolt Redford


Age: 14
Hometown: Unknown
Class: Thief
Special: Steal
Bio: An urchin once from the streets of Berona City. Bolt earns his name for his swift nature and ability to pickpocket anything that moves. He has a very daring and frisky personality, and he feels that he can do anything that he sets his mind to. He eyes are different colours, one green and one blue.


Bolt’s unique command, Trickery, enables him to perform a wide variety of abilities.
LV 1: Dash
LV 1: Steal
LV 18: Peep
LV 20: Rescue
LV 28: Warp
LV 30: Nostrum
LV 40: Transfer
LV 46: Pilfer


Bolt learns magic spells from gaining levels. Below are the levels at which he learns new magic spells.
LV 1: Aero
LV 1: X-Aero
LV 1: Magitek
LV 22: Aero 2
LV 22: X-Aero 2
LV 28: Blaster
LV 35: Aero 3
LV 35: X-Aero 3
LV 46: Thermal Ray


LV 1: Pickpocket (Damages One, Steals)
LV 15: Gambit (Air Damage)
LV 30: Knifeplay (Blinds, Damage One)
LV 45: Greased Lightning (Bolt Elemental, Damages All)


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