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Character Names & Descriptions

Who is who in Blackmoon Prophecy II? The following list names off everyone of importance in the game, or anyone who may be frequently referenced.

Alduin Vainstrong: The current Emperor of Ivalice. Grandson of Vahn Vainstrong.
Alexander: A holy elemental Esper.
Astaroth: A shadow elemental Esper.
Asura: A holy elemental Esper.
Atomos: A gravity based Esper.
Bahamut: One of the two Guardians of Gaia and symbol of the Ivalician dragoons.
Biggs: A junior Augurer stationed as a guard at Bacchus Garrison in Lindblum City.
Bolt Redford: A young street urchin who travels to Lindblum from Berona City. Unsure of how he made the journey and seems to have amnesia.
Braak Amiro: Former Ivalician military officer who was killed one century ago by Vahn Vainstrong.
Carbuncle: An Esper.
Carina Madeen: A white mage who flees from Branch to escape the wrath of the Church of Graviton. She ends up in the town of Kaipo.
Carwen Berona: Founder of the Berona Republic. Died several decades ago from unknown causes. Poison was suspected.
Cid Beryl: Commander of Lindblum’ Augurer task force and the first soldier to ever become an Augurer.
Cihuacoatl: An earth elemental Esper.
Commodore Viceley: Lindblum’s leading naval officer and captain of the Tidechaser vessel.
Diablos: A shadow elemental Esper.
Duamutef: A dual elemental (holy/shadow) Esper.
Duke Fargo: Ruler of Northern Lenadia. He schemes to make his seat of power, Faluhd Castle, the new capital of the kingdom.
Edric Csardim: A Lenadian knight who has served his kingdom for decades. Sent to Lindblum to assess the Esper threat.
Enuo: Former denizen of the Esper World. Steward of the Rift Shrine.
Eris Typhoon: Leader of the Church of Graviton. A cold and hateful woman who openly slaughters non-believers.
Ezra Highwind: Zephyr Highwind’s deceased sister, a Lindblum knight. Perished when defending Darnecles Castle from Beronian attackers.
Fenrir: Sole remaining Esper who has bonded with a human. He resides within Keren Farabrandt.
Firon: A weapons master living out of Lenadia Castle. Briefly served as Silas’ mentor.
Gilgamesh: A man who is obsessed with collecting all known weapons in the world. Cheats death simply by being too stubborn to stay dead.
Godot: Eidolon (Half-Esper) who serves as an ambassador and consultant to Lindblum’s Regent Handel.
Graviton: A deity that supposedly sinks lands and aims to restore purity to the world. His existence has not been proven.
Hautley von Muir: An elderly black mage and Lindblum City’s leading expert in magic studies.
Ifrit: A fire elemental Esper.
Ixchel: A thunder elemental Esper.
Ixion: A thunder elemental Esper.
Izlude Raithwall: Descendant of a shamed family who seeks to destroy all Espers or anyone who stands in his way.
Janus Alunira: Elder of Mystic Mysidia. Also the world’s most experienced white mage.
Jasmine Amiro: The “Timeless One” who ages at a tenth of the regular speed a human would normally age. Elementalist and monk.
Jossley Bunansa: One of Duke Fargo’s four senior soldiers.
Keren Farabrandt: Sole living Kindred (summoner) still alive. Over one hundred years of age. She has bonded with Fenrir.
King Vale: Long standing leadership figure of the small Darnecles territory within the Berona Republic.
Lars Silverson: Descendant of Kain Silverson, former King of Branch. Elder of the town of Branch who lives inĀ fear of Eris Typhoon.
Leviathan: A water elemental Esper.
Lord Balthier: Ivalician military commander and head of the dragoons.
Lord Zeul: Former Ivalician military leader who sought to destroy order as well as the world itself.
Lysha Peperro: Leader of the Lenadian adventuring guild known as The Mistwalkers.
Malacore: Powerful artificial being that threatened the balance of the world one century ago.
Marduk: An earth elemental Esper.
Markim Alunira: Berona Republic’s leading physicist and scientist and senior board member of the Berona Power Company.
Mira Csardim: Younger sister of Edric Csardim. She is also a knight who aspires for there to be a unified Lenadia.
Montblanc: An easily stressed moogle who works as assistant to Augurer Commander Cid Beryl.
Mundilfari: Leader of the Underworld.
Necrosis: A shadow elemental Esper.
Odin: One of the two Guardians of Gaia, he resides in solitude.
Orilon: A shadow elemental Esper. Ramuh’s second in command.
Ozma: An Esper.
Phoenix: A fire elemental Esper.
Ramuh: A lightning elemental Esper. He leads the Esper revolt against humanity.
Randall Heidegger: A senior board member of the Berona Power Company.
Razz: A dim-witted and overconfident Esper hunter.
Regent Handel: The current ruler of Lindblum.
Reiner Ardell: Experienced Augurer with a cold personality. He works alongside Zephyr Highwind.
Rudra: A fire elemental Esper.
Sapphire Ling: An orphan who was taken in by the ninjas in the Village of Zen. Skilled ninjutsu practitioner.
Shiva: An ice elemental Esper.
Silas Hedgeley: A young Lenadian swordsman who wears the armor that once belonged to Siegfried Sigmundson.
Siren: An Esper.
Soren Berona: Current President of the Berona Republic and head of the Berona Power Company.
Suijin: A water elemental Esper.
The Voice: A disembodied voice that can commune with mages who touch the Crystals of Element.
Trigger Ramsay: A Beronian engineer stationed in Alexandria as the local Berona Power Company supervisor.
Tritoch: A multi-elemental Esper.
Vahn Vainstrong: Former Emperor of Ivalice. He was married to Vera Farabrandt.
Vera Farabrandt: Former Empress of Ivalice. She was married to Vahn Vainstrong.
Vertumnus: An earth elemental Esper.
Vinzer Faol: One of Duke Fargo’s four senior soldiers.
Wedge: A junior Augurer stationed as a guard at Bacchus Garrison in Lindblum City.
Winter: Zephyr’s white chocobo who previously belonged to his sister, Ezra, before she left to defend Darnecles Castle.
Zalmour Ferranti: One of Duke Fargo’s four senior soldiers.
Zephyr Highwind: A junior Augurer paired with Reiner Ardell. He is the main character.