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Character Names & Descriptions

Who is who in Blackmoon Prophecy II? The following list names off everyone of importance in the game, or anyone who may be frequently referenced.

Alduin Vainstrong: The current Emperor of Ivalice. Grandson of Vahn Vainstrong.
Alexander: A holy elemental Esper.
Astaroth: A shadow elemental Esper.
Asura: A holy elemental Esper.
Atomos: A gravity based Esper.
Bahamut: One of the two Guardians of Gaia and symbol of the Ivalician dragoons.
Biggs: A junior Augurer stationed as a guard at Bacchus Garrison in Lindblum City.
Bolt Redford: A young street urchin who travels to Lindblum from Berona City. Unsure of how he made the journey and seems to have amnesia.
Braak Amiro: Former Ivalician military officer who was killed one century ago by Vahn Vainstrong.
Carbuncle: An Esper.
Carina Madeen: A white mage who flees from Branch to escape the wrath of the Church of Graviton. She ends up in the town of Kaipo.
Carwen Berona: Founder of the Berona Republic. Died several decades ago from unknown causes. Poison was suspected.
Cid Beryl: Commander of Lindblum’ Augurer task force and the first soldier to ever become an Augurer.
Cihuacoatl: An earth elemental Esper.
Commodore Viceley: Lindblum’s leading naval officer and captain of the Tidechaser vessel.
Diablos: A shadow elemental Esper.
Duamutef: A dual elemental (holy/shadow) Esper.
Duke Fargo: Ruler of Northern Lenadia. He schemes to make his seat of power, Faluhd Castle, the new capital of the kingdom.
Edric Csardim: A Lenadian knight who has served his kingdom for decades. Sent to Lindblum to assess the Esper threat.
Enuo: Former denizen of the Esper World. Steward of the Rift Shrine.
Eris Typhoon: Leader of the Church of Graviton. A cold and hateful woman who openly slaughters non-believers.
Ezra Highwind: Zephyr Highwind’s deceased sister, a Lindblum knight. Perished when defending Darnecles Castle from Beronian attackers.
Fenrir: Sole remaining Esper who has bonded with a human. He resides within Keren Farabrandt.
Firon: A weapons master living out of Lenadia Castle. Briefly served as Silas’ mentor.
Gilgamesh: A man who is obsessed with collecting all known weapons in the world. Cheats death simply by being too stubborn to stay dead.
Godot: Eidolon (Half-Esper) who serves as an ambassador and consultant to Lindblum’s Regent Handel.
Graviton: A deity that supposedly sinks lands and aims to restore purity to the world. His existence has not been proven.
Hautley von Muir: An elderly black mage and Lindblum City’s leading expert in magic studies.
Ifrit: A fire elemental Esper.
Ixchel: A thunder elemental Esper.
Ixion: A thunder elemental Esper.
Izlude Raithwall: Descendant of a shamed family who seeks to destroy all Espers or anyone who stands in his way.
Janus Alunira: Elder of Mystic Mysidia. Also the world’s most experienced white mage.
Jasmine Amiro: The “Timeless One” who ages at a tenth of the regular speed a human would normally age. Elementalist and monk.
Jossley Bunansa: One of Duke Fargo’s four senior soldiers.
Keren Farabrandt: Sole living Kindred (summoner) still alive. Over one hundred years of age. She has bonded with Fenrir.
King Vale: Long standing leadership figure of the small Darnecles territory within the Berona Republic.
Lars Silverson: Descendant of Kain Silverson, former King of Branch. Elder of the town of Branch who lives inĀ fear of Eris Typhoon.
Leviathan: A water elemental Esper.
Lord Balthier: Ivalician military commander and head of the dragoons.
Lord Zeul: Former Ivalician military leader who sought to destroy order as well as the world itself.
Lysha Peperro: Leader of the Lenadian adventuring guild known as The Mistwalkers.
Malacore: Powerful artificial being that threatened the balance of the world one century ago.
Marduk: An earth elemental Esper.
Markim Alunira: Berona Republic’s leading physicist and scientist and senior board member of the Berona Power Company.
Mira Csardim: Younger sister of Edric Csardim. She is also a knight who aspires for there to be a unified Lenadia.
Montblanc: An easily stressed moogle who works as assistant to Augurer Commander Cid Beryl.
Mundilfari: Leader of the Underworld.
Necrosis: A shadow elemental Esper.
Odin: One of the two Guardians of Gaia, he resides in solitude.
Orilon: A shadow elemental Esper. Ramuh’s second in command.
Ozma: An Esper.
Phoenix: A fire elemental Esper.
Ramuh: A lightning elemental Esper. He leads the Esper revolt against humanity.
Randall Heidegger: A senior board member of the Berona Power Company.
Razz: A dim-witted and overconfident Esper hunter.
Regent Handel: The current ruler of Lindblum.
Reiner Ardell: Experienced Augurer with a cold personality. He works alongside Zephyr Highwind.
Rudra: A fire elemental Esper.
Sapphire Ling: An orphan who was taken in by the ninjas in the Village of Zen. Skilled ninjutsu practitioner.
Shiva: An ice elemental Esper.
Silas Hedgeley: A young Lenadian swordsman who wears the armor that once belonged to Siegfried Sigmundson.
Siren: An Esper.
Soren Berona: Current President of the Berona Republic and head of the Berona Power Company.
Suijin: A water elemental Esper.
The Voice: A disembodied voice that can commune with mages who touch the Crystals of Element.
Trigger Ramsay: A Beronian engineer stationed in Alexandria as the local Berona Power Company supervisor.
Tritoch: A multi-elemental Esper.
Vahn Vainstrong: Former Emperor of Ivalice. He was married to Vera Farabrandt.
Vera Farabrandt: Former Empress of Ivalice. She was married to Vahn Vainstrong.
Vertumnus: An earth elemental Esper.
Vinzer Faol: One of Duke Fargo’s four senior soldiers.
Wedge: A junior Augurer stationed as a guard at Bacchus Garrison in Lindblum City.
Winter: Zephyr’s white chocobo who previously belonged to his sister, Ezra, before she left to defend Darnecles Castle.
Zalmour Ferranti: One of Duke Fargo’s four senior soldiers.
Zephyr Highwind: A junior Augurer paired with Reiner Ardell. He is the main character.

Continuity: Family Names & Relatives

Set one hundred years after the first game, it is obvious that many characters from Blackmoon Prophecy are now deceased. However, some familiar names may still pop up throughout the game as a result of characters in the first game forming families and producing offspring. Continue reading “Continuity: Family Names & Relatives”