Continents of Gaia #4: Berona Republic

I’ve decided to write a little about the four main continents in Blackmoon Prophecy II. Predictably, there will be four posts. Today I am covering the fourth and final continent of Blackmoon Prophecy II, the Berona Republic. A new name since the first game, the Republic had risen from the ashes of the fallen Branch, but it wasn’t exactly a smooth transition from one name to the other…


Let’s start with a fact sheet for the Berona Republic.

Nation(s): Berona Republic, Darnecles
Capital: Berona City (Berona Republic), Darnecles Castle (Darnecles)
Ruler: Soren Berona (Berona Republic), King Vale (Darnecles)
Important Figures: Eris Typhoon, Markim Alunira, Randall Heidegger
Military Forces: Exo-Skeletonium Forces
Population Centers: Berona City, Branch, Castora, Darnecles Castle, Garamonde, Northdale, Oaktown

After the merging of the worlds a century ago, Branch was left shattered and within governance. One ambitious resident of the western town of Northdale, Carwen Berona, decided to take advantage of that. Being a wealthy man and skilled inventor, he was able to sway (and bribe) individuals from the other nations to his cause which included tearing down what remained of Branch and forming a new nation in its place. While Carwen Berona did not have antagonistic intentions and wanted the transition to be as easy as possible, things did not prove to be quite as easy as he anticipated.

After making his research facility a publicly known location, Vahn Vainstrong and his fellow Light Warriors converged upon the facility only to be confused by the presence of inhabitants from all four kingdoms. When Carwen Berona explained what his ambitions were, Vahn swiftly rejected his plans. Carwen, not wanting to have anyone stand in his way of bringing a better quality of life to the shattered lands of what once was Branch, unleashed his mechanical titanium forged golems on Vahn and his friends. The golems did not prove to be enough to stop them, and Vahn swore to deal with Carwen after halting the plans of Emperor Belmont, Lord Zeul and Malacore.

After the Light Warriors did indeed spare the world from certain disaster, Vahn Vainstrong turned his attention towards Carwen Berona who was busily working on occupying as many towns as possible. Vahn wasted no time in deploying close friend Darius Nobleton and a squad of dragoons to put Carwen down. Unfortunately, Darius and the dragoons underestimated Carwen’s forces and were defeated. When approached by Vahn after the fall of Darius, Carwen was adamant that he was not going to abandon his goal of giving birth to a new nation and that, if left alone to carry out his plan, nobody would be harmed and no lives would be lost. An agreement was worked out between Carwen Berona and Vahn Vainstrong that would allow Carwen to carry out his plans under a watchful eye from Ivalice to the south.

The Berona Republic soon became a reality as a result of the agreement, with Berona City being constructed close to Carwen’s arctic homelands. The Republic existed relatively peacefully for several years until Carwen’s sudden and unexpected death. Though never proven, poisoning was suspected and his son, Soren, was the prime suspect.

After Soren Berona succeeded Carwen as the head of the Republic, tensions mounted between the new nation and Darnecles, a small Lupin state that existed in a southern desert near the Ivalician border. Darnecles had formerly been a large kingdom in the Esper World prior to the worlds merging during the Great Cataclysm, but it was now nothing more than a small territory. When Soren ordered his forces to capture Darnecles, King Vale of Darnecles Castle issued a call for help which was swiftly answered by Ivalice. A regiment of dragoons and mages quickly arrived and put the Beronians in their place, the aging Vahn Vainstrong warning the youthful Soren Berona to adhere to the agreement he made with Carwen Berona – or else.

Several decades later, Ivalice’s throne changed hands twice with Vahn’s grandson Alduin inheriting it. Meanwhile, Soren Berona continued to rule from the Republic. Feeling that Alduin was not as sharp as the Vainstrongs who came before him, he once again attempted to capture Darnecles. By this time, the restructured kingdom of Lindblum had emerged as the strongest power in the world and swiftly deployed a literal army to protect Darnecles Castle. The Lindblum soldiers arrived just in time and drove the Beronian forces back. Several Lindblum soldiers were lost in the battle such as Ezra Highwind, sister to main character Zephyr Highwind.

A few more years passed and pressure mounted on the Republic to allow Darnecles to exist outside of Republic rule or face a joint invasion from Ivalice, Lenadia and Lindblum. Soren Berona and King Vale each came together to meet in the Ivalician city of Alexandria where a treaty was signed between the two allowing Darnecles to exist as a separate state within the Republic itself.

Today, the Berona Republic has calmed itself and Soren Berona has finally earned the trust of the world. The Republic has become the world leader in scientific research, with the Berona Power Company at the forefront of it. Many Beronians including Markim Alunira, Randall Heidegger and Trigger Ramsay are respected individuals working for the Berona Power Company who excel at their chosen trades.

The Berona Republic is also home to the Church of Graviton. Graviton is a supposed deity that has acquired an extensive religious following over a few decades. The Church of Graviton, which is headquartered in the town of Branch and currently led by Eris Typhoon, is devoted to believing in Graviton to a borderline fanatical degree.

According to the Church of Graviton, their deity resembles a man who stands as high as the tallest castles and wields an adamantium hammer capable of sinking lands. Despite the supposed deity being associated with violent tremors that have sunk lands and killed many, the Church of Graviton insists that their god is benevolent and loving.

Theories of Graviton emerged shortly after the Light Warriors emerged victorious over Lord Zeul and Malacore a century ago. When quakes led to parts of land sinking into the sea, researchers attributed it to the after effects of the Great Cataclysm. Religious individuals instead believed that it was the work of a gravity god that they took to calling him “Graviton”. They took it upon themselves to preach that Graviton was an ancient god who was wishing to reshape the world into its original shape, prior to when the worlds were even merged. The Church claims that lands which have sunk were “tainted” and were not of Gaia. They are also adamant that Espers, not originally inhabitants of Gaia, have demonstrated that they are also a taint which must be removed by their war against humankind.

The Church of Graviton believes that their deity resides in the Miasma Stream where he strikes “evil and gnarled roots” with his adamantium hammer and sinks the lands that are said to be tainted.

Notable locations in the Berona Republic include…

Berona Research Facility: Carwen Berona’s original seat of power before the Republic officially existed. Today, it is manned by several researchers and scientists who conduct studies on electricity, magic, miasma, and tomes extracted from the Genesis Obelisk that involve the ancient Guardians of Balance. Markim Alunira is the research facility’s chief executive officer, though research abroad usually keeps him from overseeing daily activities within the facility.

Mount Valla: The spiritual home of moogles. Originally thought to have come from a cave near the former Branch town of Meksicburg, earthquakes revealed Mogtopia, a moogle metropolis, in the northern Mount Valla. While the mountain is covered in snow and is rather frigid on the outside, the interior is well maintained and rather warm from the vast amount of upkeep and work put forth by the moogles to make their home hospitable.

Rift Shrine: Constructed long ago in the Esper World, the Rift Shrine was the original gateway between the worlds which allowed Espers access to Gaia. More recently, it was used by the Light Warriors to combat Lord Zeul and Malacore by serving as a base of operations. Today, it has largely been abandoned. Enuo, Steward of the Rift Shrine, still lives somewhere within but has succumbed to dementia as a result of old age.


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