Continents of Gaia #3: Ivalice

I’ve decided to write a little about the four main continents in Blackmoon Prophecy II. Predictably, there will be four posts. Today I am covering the third continent of Blackmoon Prophecy II, Ivalice. The villainous empire of the first game made a 180 degree change since then, so let’s see how the liberated kingdom is today.


Let’s start with a fact sheet for Ivalice.

Nation(s): Ivalician Empire, Isle of Zen
Capital: Alexandria
Ruler: Emperor Alduin Vainstrong
Important Figures: Bahamut, Grandmaster Moto, Janus Alunira
Military Forces: Ivalician Dragoons
Population Centers: Alexandria, Albrook, Auslen, Cornelia, Costa del Vita, Mystic Mysidia, Rivera, Vainstrong Port, Village of Zen, Visage

Ivalice has had an interesting story. In the first game, and prior to it, Ivalice was very much a villainous empire full of plotters and schemers. Names such as Braak Amiro, Deckar, Emperor Belmont, Dio, Eva, Lord Zeul and Malacore are all tied to the nation that once sought to bring down the rest of the world from the shadows to rule the world with an iron fist.

After the world was purged of the evil Ivalicians at the end of the first game, Vahn Vainstrong unified Branch and Ivalice and brought peace to the troubled lands. With his fellow Light Warrior Vera Farabrandt soon marrying him and becoming Empress, the two brought the restructured Ivalice into a new age where it would become a respected and trusted kingdom. With Vera soon bearing a child, the Vainstrong name synonymous with the Ivalice crown.

Dragoon survivors from Branch soon came to Ivalice, prompting Vahn to adopt dragoons as the new military of Ivalice. A training academy known was Port Vainstrong was soon constructed far to the west on a relatively uninhabited island where recruitment numbers quickly soared. To further solidify Ivalician dragoons as a respected force, the mighty dragon Bahamut emerged and revealed that he was no Esper at all, but rather an Aspect of Gaia. Being an Aspect, it was his duty to safeguard the world from harm, which explained his reasoning for previously binding himself to Vera Farabrandt. Bahamut openly supported the new Ivalice, feeling that corruption in the kingdom had finally been washed away, before settling at Port Vainstrong to watch over the dragoon trainees. The other Aspect, Odin, also dwelled somewhere in Ivalice, but he proved to be more reclusive than Bahamut by keeping to himself.

Shortly into his tenure as Emperor, Vahn Vainstrong could not grow to feel comfortable ruling from the Ivalician capital simply known as the Citadel, feeling that far too much corruption had occurred there over the years for it to be a legitimate seat of power. After consulting his ambassadors, friends, generals and Vera, it was decided that a new capital city would be built to the west. As construction crews headed west with Vahn, he came to the conclusion that basing a new city around the town of Marshtown would be the best plan of action. As the new capital was being constructed and Marshtown being incorporated into it, Vahn’s Lenadian ally, the scientist Cid Surikov, constructed a tram network from the Citadel to the new capital in order to quicken the process of moving inhabitants and their belongings to the west.

When all was said and done, Ivalice had a new capital city in the form of Alexandria, named after Vera Farabrandt’s mother. The Vainstrong family would then continue to rule from Alexandria with Vahn being succeeded by his son Balthasar, and Balthasar succeeded by his son Alduin.

It is worth noting that there are two towns that are part of the Ivalician Empire, but are unofficially considered independent. These towns are Mystic Mysidia, home of white magic, and the Village of Zen, home of the ninja clan. Mystic Mysidia is governed by elder Janus Alunira who is said to be the world’s greatest white mage, while the Village of Zen is currently oversee by skilled ninja Grandmaster Moto.

Notable locations in Lenadia include…

Citadel Ruins: The former capital of Ivalice, abandoned many decades ago. It has fallen into disrepair, its ruins being overrun by nature and becoming home to monsters. It is said that ghosts of the past haunt the long abandoned halls. Due to safety concerns, Emperor Alduin Vainstrong has dragoons posted at the ruins forbidding anyone from entering.

Lukahn’s Workshop: Lukahn was once a famed inventor of the Esper World. Now, all that is left is his abandoned workshop off the coast of western Ivalice. Residents of nearby Cornelia warn adventurers to stay away, as dangerous mechanical creatures dwell within.

Mystic Mysidia: The world’s leader in white magic practice and research. Much like how the Vainstrongs are seen as the royal family of Ivalice, the Alunira family is synonymous with watching over Mystic Mysidia with Janus Alunira, the grandson of former elder Elina Alunira, currently being the head of the town.


2 thoughts on “Continents of Gaia #3: Ivalice

  1. This part of the sentence is incorrect: “The villainous empire of the first game made a 360 since then”, it should be “The villainous empire of the first game made a 180 since then” since a 360 spin is basically no change in the end, and a 180 spin is a drastic change. Also, this is quite an interesting story you have here.

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