Continents of Gaia #2: Lenadia

I’ve decided to write a little about the four main continents in Blackmoon Prophecy II. Predictably, there will be four posts. Today I am covering the second continent of Blackmoon Prophecy II, Lenadia. So, what’s the gigantic landmass of the first game up to these days? Well…


Let’s start with a fact sheet for Lenadia.

Nation(s): Lenadia Kingdom
Capital: Faluhd Castle (North), Lenadia Castle (South)
Ruler: Duke Fargo (Faluhd Castle), King Edward (Lenadia Castle)
Important Figures: Firon, Lysha Peperro
Military Forces: Lenadia Army
Population Centers: Barrington, Clestance, Diaspola, Faluhd Castle, Hillsdale, Kohlingen, Lenadia Castle, Mohadmal Junction, Organa, Palumpu Port, Vilaheim

In the first Blackmoon Prophecy, Lenadia was the most expansive and richest of all kingdoms. The Great Cataclysm (merging of the worlds) a century ago devastated Lenadia after it sunk a great deal of Lenadian lands and towns. Over the one hundred years between the two games, the continent would suffer from many earthquakes as well, further damaging the economy and overall quality of life that was once enjoyed by the prosperous people of Lenadia. By the time of Blackmoon Prophecy II, Lenadia has dropped from most powerful nation to the poorest of the four. Though it can still sustain itself, Lenadia has seen a sharp increase in criminal and outlaw activity over the last several decades. Highwaymen now road trade routes and the majority of Lenadia’s towns are poverty-striken. Only the towns of Barrington, Hillsdale and Mohadmal Junction have managed to stay in good shape while the rest of the kingdom’s towns suffer.

A few decades ago, the abandoned Faluhd Castle in Lenadia’s northern reaches was resettled after it was deemed that having a center of government in the kingdom’s northern half could help energize Lenadia’s ailing economy. This has indeed helped the towns of Kohlingen and Organa slightly and, as a whole, Northern Lenadia has become the kingdom’s most prosperous region while the south continues to suffer in the shadow of Lenadia Castle.

Today, Faluhd Castle is governed by Duke Fargo. The Duke is viewed by the people of Lenadia as the true ruler of the kingdom in every way other than in name. King Edward’s influence in the southern Lenadia Castle fails to extend beyond the towns of Barrington, Clestance and Vilaheim while the town of Palumpu Port enjoys attention from both Duke Fargo and King Edward. It is suspected by some that Duke Fargo would like to have the title of King himself, though nobody is certain how the title could be wrestled away from King Edward in the south.

Palumpu Port is believed to be the key in the eventual struggle for control of the kingdom, as the adventuring guild known as the Mistwalkers, based out of Palumpu Port, is the only truly wealthy organization in the entirety of Lenadia. The Mistwalkers were formed nearly a century ago by Ami Peperro, an eccentric and energetic woman who was one of the Light Warriors who defeated Malacore and Lord Zeul. Today, the organization is run by the granddaughter of Ami, Lysha Peperro. She is said to be the spitting image of her late grandmother in her prime years.

Notable locations in Ivalice include…

Aether Cave: A mysterious cave located south of the Mohadmal Desert where geologists believe miasma may be leaking into. Excursions into the Aether Cave have not gone well, with those who journey into the cave for answers never coming back.

Ancient Caves: Located off the northwest coast, these caves were once said to lead to a long buried ancient castle of a long forgotten civilization. Whether or not the caves still do so is up for debate.

Faluhd Castle: Once abandoned long ago after the Lord of Faluhd accidentally poisoned his people with miasma gas from a nearby mine, the castle has since been resettled. Ruled by Duke Fargo, many feel that it is Lenadia’s new seat of power despite Lenadia Castle to the far south being the official capital.


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