Continents of Gaia #1: Lindblum

I’ve decided to write a little about the four main continents in Blackmoon Prophecy II. Predictably, there will be four posts. I’m starting today with the main continent of Blackmoon Prophecy II, Lindblum. So, what does Lindblum look like? Well, see for yourself!


So, let’s start with a fact sheet for Lindblum.

Nation(s): Lindblum Kingdom
Capital: Lindblum City
Ruler: Regent Handel
Important Figures: Ambassador Godot, Commander Cid Beryl
Military Forces: Augurer Task Force, Lindblum Army
Population Centers:Altair, Crescent Village, Dawnmarch, Kaipo, Leyton, Lindblum City, Neirbrook, New Lantz, Tzen

While Lindblum was almost in turmoil during the first Blackmoon Prophecy due to rebellion followed by the merging of the worlds, it bounced back quickly after the events of the first game as notable individuals such as Godot, Oalston and Regent Gran worked to restore the country. A new capital city was constructed, and towns that had been demolished (such as Lantz) were rebuilt.

One hundred years later, Lindblum is where the game opens and is where the player will meet over half of the game’s playable character (seven out of twelve). The majority of the party’s decisions are made within Lindblum Castle where the party frequently convenes with Cid Beryl, Godot, Markim Alunira and Regent Handel.

The Esper revolt also begins in Lindblum several months prior to the beginning of the game, when Espers suddenly begin to attack towns and travelers on major trade/travel routes. The eastern town of Kaipo is the only population center to lose many casualties during an Esper attack. Despite being openly hostile, it was apparent from the beginning that Espers seemed to be more interested in searching for something rather than attacking towns.

Keren Farabrandt of Ivalice was visiting Lindblum at the time of the Esper revolt and, with the aid of Godot, developed a method to teach advanced blue magic to soldiers of the Lindblum Army that would allow them to integrate wild creatures into themselves much like summoners once did with Espers. This gave birth to the Augurers, the anti-Esper task force led by Commander Cid Beryl.

Notable locations in Lindblum include…

Augurer Colosseum: A colosseum that allows Augurers to come together to practice the art of strengthening monsters they align themselves with. Home to a minor pet battling minigame.

Echo Temple: An ancient temple that was once within the Esper World. After being unearthed during tectonic activity, it attracts attention from Espers.

Great Lindblum Reef: An underwater network of caves containing endless coral and a tremendous amount of sea life.

Koltz Forest: Resting near Crescent Village, this forest was once peaceful and tranquil until rumours began to circulate that Espers were spotted prowling the woods.

Kusku Salar: A dangerous area located on the west end of Lindblum’s expansive Plain Major. Due to the frightening nature of the powerful monsters within, Regent Handel has forbidden entry into Kusku Salar.


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