Story Drafts

Before I settled on the current story for Blackmoon Prophecy II, I had THREE ideas I almost settled upon. Here are the three ideas which ultimately bit the dust in favour of the current version of the game.

First Idea: War of the Guardians
The first idea I came up with is several years old and I came up with it when I was still working on the first game. Essentially, the sequel would’ve been about the Four Guardians of Balance (the guys who created the crystals, Tower of Babil, and all the fun stuff on the moon in the first game). Obviously they weren’t nice guys if they created a weapon that could essentially create apocalyptic eclipses.

I decided that the first idea could’ve seemed too alienating to anyone expecting a continuation of the first game and decided that, while it could be worth exploring (and I will be doing so), I didn’t want to devote an entire game to it.

Second Idea: The Crystal War
The second idea idea was being tossed around in my head during the final months of work on the first game. This one would’ve been about the Crystal War that occurs before the first game. Characters such as Adder and Wedge would have been playable, as would Vahn and Hans. A pre-corrupted Darius also would’ve been a likely party member. How would I have diversified the cast? I haven’t the foggiest!

After I finished the first game, I firmly put my foot down and said “NO SEQUEL” to anyone who asked. I didn’t count on so many people asking for one, and I decided that it would be stupid not to at least attempt one. I mean, people were asking for one. There was demand! Thus, the third idea was born…

Third Idea: The New Generation
When I started planning the sequel, I originally wanted to keep the focus on Vahn and his family. The main character would’ve been his son, Balthasar. Additional party members would’ve been older versions of Bosche and Jasmine from the first game (Bosche would’ve been very old), General Leonardo of Lenadia and the black mage Sabino (both minor NPCs from the first game), a chocobo named Pastel, and Edric and Sapphire. I ended up wanting to tell a more “fresh” story from a different perspective, so I dropped this idea. Edric and Sapphire carried over into the final story idea, and Pastel ended up becoming Winter and not being a party member but rather the party’s main mode of transportation.

I’d still like to cover the Crystal War at one point. We’ll see how much energy I have to make another game after this one is finished!


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