Continuity: Family Names & Relatives

Set one hundred years after the first game, it is obvious that many characters from Blackmoon Prophecy are now deceased. However, some familiar names may still pop up throughout the game as a result of characters in the first game forming families and producing offspring. Below are family names that are carried over from the first game.


Elina Alunira of the first game went on to have a son named Markim, a famed physicist of the Berona Republic. He is an important NPC in Blackmoon Prophecy II who appears frequently throughout the story after his initial appearance. Markim’s son Janus carries on the family legacy of practicing white magic and serves as the elder of Mystic Mysidia just as his grandmother did at the conclusion of Blackmoon Prophecy.


Jasmine Amiro, a secret character from the first game, returns as a playable character in Blackmoon Prophecy II. Having her body’s genetic structure modified by the energies of the Genesis Obelisk, Jasmine now ages at a tenth of the speed of a normal human being. She has no living relatives, but she is still haunted by members of her deceased brother, General Braak Amiro of the Ivalician Army.


The Berona name only appeared in one of the final updates of Blackmoon Prophecy in the form of Carwen Berona organizing his coup to take fallen Branch lands. In the sequel, this name is much more prominent due to Carwen Berona’s plan succeeding and giving rise to the Berona Republic. The Berona Republic is the technological leader of the world that has only recently settled and become peaceful. Carwen Berona has long since passed, his grandson Soren Berona ruling the city in his stead.


A name that has almost faded out of the world with the last two Farabrandts being Keren and Vera. With Vera passing away years ago, the elderly Keren is the sole living Farabrandt. The Farabrandts have long been summoners (Kindred), with Keren not only being the last of the Farabrandts but also the very last summoner in the world as well.


Ami Peperro of the first game may be deceased, but her family name lives on in the world thanks to her granddaughter Lysha. Much like her grandmother, Lysha is a red haired woman with an eccentric personality. The Peperro family resides in Lenadia where they operate the Mistwalkers adventuring guild, which was started many years ago by Ami Peperro.


Descendants of Kain Silverson, once known as King Branch, who was defeated over a century ago during the Crystal War. Surviving Silversons are not directly related to the Vainstrongs despite Vahn Vainstrong being the son of Kain. Modern day Silversons live quiet lives and tend to keep to themselves, as the family name was tarnished beyond repair during the Crystal War.


A lineage continued by Vahn Vainstrong, first Emperor of the modern day incarnation of Ivalice. His son Balthasar served as Emperor after he passed on, and Balthasar’s son Alduin later succeeded him on the throne. The Vainstrongs are the royal family of Ivalice.


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