Battle System Explained

I decided that it might be worth talking about the battle system, so here is information on the scripts I use and features I take advantage of.

Blackmoon Prophecy II uses the Tankentai side view battle system by Enu. It was never officially translated into English so it’s a 100% Japanese script. Because of this, it can be a little difficult for me to understand at times and even some scripters have looked at it and shrugged, saying that they don’t know what the script is doing at certain points because they cannot read the Japanese notes by the author.

The Tankentai system, despite having some flaws, works moderately well and is ideal for games that don’t use too many complex actions or features within battles unless you’re a Japanese scripter because then you’re in for quite a treat! Here’s how the battle system in Blackmoon Prophecy II works with a few compatibility scripts and extensions for Tankentai. Note everything below is Tankentai specific since it is essentially a side view shell for the default VX Ace battle system.

ATB Gauge: An ATB compatibility script for Tankentai is incorporated into the game. It works well enough, seeming to perform at its best when the player has three or four party members. There are two known issues at the moment with the ATB script. First, there is a momentary “pause” of the bars after all characters take their turns and the ATB bars are emptied. The second issue is that, seemingly at random during longer battles, the gauges will slow to a tremendous crawl. This has only occurred for me when monsters are low on HP after many turns.

Limit Gauge/Limit Points: Battles play out roughly like Final Fantasy IV, V, or VI but with a few differences. Most notable difference is the incorporation of limit break attacks, which work differently here than in Final Fantasy VII. In Blackmoon Prophecy II, your LP (limit points) build up as you sustain damage or defend. When you acquire a set number of LP, you can execute a handy limit attack. Each character will have four limit attacks. The “unlimiter” item can also fill your limit gauge to 100, and a few skills may also increase a character’s LP.

Side View: Tankentai is, of course, a side view battle system. As such, the party is visible at all times. They will run up to enemies and attack, will flash when a status condition is active, and collapse when defeated. Their weapons are also visible but, due to the nature of how Tankentai displays weapons, they are more pixellated in comparison to the player sprites.

Unique Commands: It is Final Fantasy tradition for characters to have their own unique battle commands. Summoners summon, magicians have magic perks other characters don’t have access to, thieves steal, and ninjas like to throw things. Same deal here! Expect all characters to have access to abilities and commands exclusive only to them.


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