Activities & Minigames

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II has a whole slew of activities that players will be able to involve themselves in. This page details everything that’s in the game that the player will be able to take part in.


Nestled behind Mystic Mysidia is the Arena. In the original Blackmoon Prophecy, players had to work through a ladder of 100 battles that culminated in several superboss battles. In Blackmoon Prophecy II, I take a different approach and draw inspiration from Final Fantasy 7’s Battle Square. Players will pay a fee to enter the arena where they will be thrown into a gauntlet of battles that progressively get harder depending on how many battles the player has won. Random buffs are applied at the start of each battle that may help or hinder either the player or the enemy. For each victory in the Battle Square, the player earns one battle point (BP) which can be used to purchase useful items. Additionally, players will also earn one elite point (EBP) for each battle they survive beyond the twentieth. BP and EBP can be cashed in for helpful items.

Auction House

Located in Berona City and Lindblum City, the auction houses function much like the auction house in the first Blackmoon Prophecy (which functioned exactly as the FF6 incarnation). With the auction houses being in major cities that the player will spend a lot of time in, I’ve decided to make it so that loot tables will change more frequently based on where the player is in the game. In the first Blackmoon Prophecy, rewards from the auction house only changed once during the game (after the worlds merge) but, in the sequel, I’ll aim to make rewards change several times throughout the story so that players will often see different items popping up.

Augurer Colosseum

This idea spawned from a suggestion my composer, Brandon Griggs, had for me on Skype. He originally proposed having upgradeable chocobos, but I didn’t want to take any thunder away from Winter, the main character’s chocobo. This idea made me think of something else, as I replaced chocobos with standard Final Fantasy monsters such as bombs, cactuars, tonberries, etc. Essentially, monsters will show up on the map on rare occasions when the player reaches a specific point in the story. As an Augurer, the main character is able to command and summon monsters, and initiating a battle with one of these monsters that actually shows up on the map will allow Zephyr to use an ability on the monster to tame it. After doing so, the player will be able to place it in a stable at the Augurer Colosseum. From here, players will be able to feed and train their monsters, which will improve their HP and attack values. The monsters can be entered into battles with other Augurer pets in the colosseum, and winning these battles will reward the player with helpful items. If your monster loses? It will return to its stable and will require a phoenix down to remove its KO status. Monsters that will be available are buel, bomb, cactuar, coeurl, flan, lizard, mu, tonberry and veteran.

Den of Chance

Sitting beside the auction house in Lindblum City’s Lenadian Market, the Den of Chance is something we’ve all seen before. You’re presented with several mystery boxes that each contain an item and you must choose which one to open. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s a fun little diversion if you like games of chance. Also, who knows, you may get an expensive item that costs much more than the price to play!

Hunter’s Guild

Located in the Lindblum town of New Lantz, the Hunter’s Guild assigns marks to the player which they can then track down and kill. This is sort of like the mark hunting in Final Fantasy XII, meaning you’ll pick up the mark and then head off to find a skull icon moving around on the world map. The skull icon represents the assigned mark, and I chose to give the marks a visual representation on the world map to make them easier to find and to reduce possible grinding that players would inevitably do if the marks were invisible on the map. Return to the Hunter’s Guild after defeating a marked monster for rewards such as experience eggs (grants random experience to the party based on Zephyr’s level), gold, and useful items. There will be twelve marks in the game, but only a select few can be defeated early on since the fourth or fifth will require an airship to reach.


Located deep in the arctic Mt. Valla mountain chain, Mogtopia is the home of all moogles. Being such a fun loving race, they’ve got plenty to do in their mountain haven. Expect plenty of NPCs to play cards with, along with a minigame that will be a cross between Final Fantasy VII’s snowboarding sequences and Audiosurf’s ninja mono game mode (look it up on YouTube if you don’t know what that is). Players will be able to acquire tokens that they can trade in for rare goods here that cannot be found anywhere else such as the fabled Moogle Bangle.

Mysidian Trivia

This isn’t a major thing, but I wanted to mention it anyway. The newest minigame is a trivia game. Nestled in the Mysidian Quarter of Alexandria, players can play this for a mere one gold. Why so cheap? Because it’s possible to earn 1000 gold in a matter of minutes… or lose that much! For each question answered, 25 gold is added to the player’s potential winnings. After correctly answering a question, the player can choose to continue or stop and walk out with their winnings. If the player answers a queston wrong, not only will they not receive their winnings… but their winnings will be taken from the gold they’re carrying! It’s a high risk game, but players who grow to know the setting decently well will be able to make some gold here. There’s still a curveball, however. Double death questions appear at random where the Trivia King is thinking of two monsters. He gives you four choices, and you have to choose one of the two. If you successfully guess one of his monsters, you’ll receive the standard 25 gold for answering correctly along with a 100 gold bonus.

Rabbit Rundown

In the first Blackmoon Prophecy, there was an retired magician named Mizuda who lived in a cave with his pet rabbits. He would let the player catch rabbits for prizes. Naturally, with the sequel being set one hundred years later, Mizuda is no longer alive and is quite dead… but his rabbits have flourished! Being rabbits, they have reproduced like mad over the years. The cave which once belonged to Mizuda is now a famous location due to the high number of rabbits living in the cave network, which are highly sought after by chefs. One chef on site will reward the player for catching rabbits for him. The process of catching rabbits has evolved, as not all rabbits will just aimlessly bounce around in an attempt to evade the player. Some rabbits will now take advantage of the terrain by hopping where the player cannot follow, or use shortcuts to get away from the player in a bind.

Tetra Master

Triple Triad, identical to the FF8 incarnation, is in. I’ve skinned it to look like Tetra Master from FF9, so I’ve combined the great gameplay of Triple Triad and the nice art style of Tetra Master to make… well, I’m just calling it Tetra Master. Players can visit Tetra Master hubs in major cities/towns across the game world to challenge card house employees or hummingways to games. The card house employees play with basic leveled decks and sell the weak cards so that players who find themselves losing a lot will have a way to prevent themselves from flat out not being able to play anymore. Hummingways, however, are the true masters of Tetra Master and can challenge players of all skill levels. Hummingways use all sorts of different rules when they play and beating one may take time, but the reward is always worth it due to the fact that hummingways carry rare, one of a kind cards. There are 110 cards that can be collected and used in Blackmoon Prophecy II.


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